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Marge Newton Skaggs, along with her kids Scotty Merrill, Neil Koontz, and Robert Newton, and farm manager Jerry Gorka, started Newton Farms in 2000. It started as a 4-H goat project for the kids, and grew into so much more. As the kids became older, and more competitive, they wanted to step up their game with better quality Boers. We started by purchasing the herd of Kallie Kohls York in Texas. This helped us build our numbers and start a breeding program to make better quality stock and to become more competitive. We began showing in ABGA open shows around the country and quickly grew into the operation we are today. In 2013, we added Brant Knotts and Alexis Briley to our team. They handle the shows, sales, and breeding program at the farm. Today, Newton Farms has over 750 head of Boer goats, including breeding bucks, donor does, young does and bucks, and show wethers. We are in several sales throughout the year and sale private treaty off the farm. Our team is very passionate about the goats we raise and puts a lot of time and effort into breeding quality stock. Newton Farms strives to promote integrity within the breed and uphold the standards of the Boer goat. We also promote and support the youth of the industry. Newton Farms is a close team and a family oriented operation and we would love for you to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your support!

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