Since all the smoke has cleared, I want to thank everyone that helped get this awesome sale together and everyone that helped during the sale!! Thank you to all the bidders and buyers. We hope that we have presented awesome animals for you to carry on our genetics and hard work. Brant and Gerald Gorka (Jerry) put their heart and soul into our farm. I have been blessed to have known and worked with Brant. We miss him a lot! Jerry and I will continue on with my grandkids and his kids with their livestock. You will see us time to time out with the kids showing some.

I want to especially thank Rena Lynch for purchasing our highest selling buck, The Facts Are Blurred and Billy Ashburn for purchasing our highest selling doe, AABG NBD Real Gem. Billy was also our highest volume buyer!

Special thanks to Lary Duncan, Pit and Linda Kemmer and crew, Terry Taylor, Jordan Daigle, Derrick Brown, Jesse Kimmel, Cindy and Randy Dusek and DV Auction for all their help! You are all the best.

Thanks to my family, my mom, Scotty and Jenn, Eli and Abby, Rob and Janessa, Lizzi and Emma, Neil and Kelsey, Cheryl Carr, Jenn Hasbrook and Sue Taylor!!

Our crew behind the scenes was awesome! They kept the goats rolling in and out of the sale and getting them to their new owners!!

Please forgive me if I missed anyone! I has been a crazy last few weeks!!

Best of luck to all that purchased and we will see you in the ring soon!!